Triple Up: Three New Restaurants in Goregaon

The last month has seen the birth of three brand new restaurants in Goregaon east. They now jostle for attention amidst the innumerable street-food stalls near the Nirlon Knowledge Park gate.

I’m talking about Daftar, House of Democracy and 63 Bylane. I have tried them all and here’s my take on each, in order of visits.



new restaurants in Goregaon east
Vada Pav Pizza, Daftar

Daftar The Office GupShup is that casual café you want to hang out at right after work hours. It has bright interiors that invite those laptop-sore eyes. The food is a light take at Indian, Chinese and Continental fare. All vegetarian menu. But it is well-made and well presented.

The Daftar special is the Vada Pav Pizza that I really loved! Vada pav potato masala is generously spread on pizza bread. Green coriander chutney gives it that desi spice. Raw onions, juliennes of large green chillies and mozzarella cheese complete the experience. The spice levels are just right so it’s a WIN-WIN order.

The staff at Daftar is warm, courteous and well-informed. They were kind enough to serve masala tea to us though it was ordered out of designated tea time.

63 By-Lane – The best new restaurant in Goregaon east

Creamy Basil Pesto Risotto, 63 By-Lane

After a very successful stint in Kandivali east, 63 By-Lane fits in nicely to this pincode. First up, I loved the monochrome interiors. Black chalkboard finish highlighting the dishes served as more related décor.

Again, the menu is all vegetarian. It is high on health, though. Hearty soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas available here. A lot of vegan options here too. No fuss on drinks – there are smoothies and a juice of the day.

Everything we ordered – from a basic cheese pizza to a basil pesto risotto and handmade stuffed ravioli – was DELICIOUS. It’s definitely a place you’d want to keep going to with family and friends. It’s all self-service here. The dishes on the menu are numbered so ordering is easy. I highly recommend this place.

House of Democracry (HOD)

Gosht Shikampuri Kebabs, HOD

It’s called House of Democracy, akin to lok sabha. Par log hi nahi dikhte yaha! Placed in between Daftar and 63 Bylane, this eatery is the largest of the three. It’s also the only one serving non-vegetarian food. And also hopes to get start serving alcohol soon. Yet, there’s much to desire from HOD.

First up, it’s exhausting to go through a 13-page menu. And even more to know that what you finally decide to order is not available! There’s Indian food but no roomali roti, there’s Chinese but no lollipops. On a Friday evening!
Ghor anyay!

What we did finally get to eat was really BAD. Gosth Shikhampuri Shami Kebabs were too salty. They should have been called Salt-puri kebabs. My Thai Red Chicken Curry came with all vegetables but no chicken. When it went back to the kitchen to be fixed, it came back looking foxed. It was to be served with Pad Thai noodles but all I got was a bowl of ultra-oily and mildly seasoned noodles. Needless to say, I hardly ate at HOD. You can be misled by the chic interiors but please be warned. Good food is good food, no matter the décor.

I was semi-prepared after having read some Zomato reviews. Didn’t know it would be so disappointing. If this place doesn’t get its act together, it’ll only be good at being a bad restaurant.

So that’s my take on this trio of new restaurants in Goregaon east. All priced reasonably. A meal for two hungry people would be an easy ₹400-600 at 63 Bylane and Daftar but about ₹800 at HOD. Take your pick. And let me know what you think.

Address: Ground floor, Aspen Park, Walbhat Road, Nirlon Knowledge Park Backgate, Goregaon East

Note: All food reviews were conducted anonymously and paid for entirely by GHP


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