Tubelight: Highway Reel Film Review


Salman Khan’s Tubelight is just a tedious version of Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Rating: 2 /5

When the first teaser followed by the trailer of Tubelight released, it was intriguing alright. But the film fails rise to the occasion. It begins at a quick pace as the premise of brotherly love is established. The second half is a dragging merry-go-round ride, with the same theme of keeping one’s faith – Kya Tumhe Yakeen Hain?

The story

Tubelight is set in the scenic village of Jagatpura. It is the story of Lakshman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan) and his younger brother, Bharat (Sohail Khan). A little slow but sweet and innocent Lakshman tearily sends his brother to the 1962 Indo-China war. As the missing feeling grows, he tries to keep strong faith. He keeps trying to garner more from wherever he can, just to see Bharat return home safely. Does his mountain-moving faith run true or is he left heartbroken – that’s what Tubelight is about.

Salman Khan as Lakshman

In his last annual hits, Salman has given us credible films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. However, it seems he’s underestimated the need for a strong script this time. Tubelight has been adapted from the Hollywood film Little Boy but lost the magic when the naivety of the boy was replaced by a slow Salman – no matter how adorable he looked.

As is expected from a Salman Khan flick, the limelight is all his. There will surely be an “awww” reaction from many when they see him in this Koi Mil Gaya meets Kyon Ki mix of a role. But there isn’t much substance behind his character, except in a few emotional scenes, and even these aren’t touching enough.

Sohail Khan as Bharat

Sohail Khan in the supporting role is surprisingly much more tolerable than before. Little Matin Rey Tangu is as cute as a button but mostly remains in the background. A gorgeous Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, debuts in this film. Hers would have been an excellent performance had it not been for the Hindi dubbing that somehow never makes the cut.

Tubelight v/s Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Director Kabir Khan made quite a masterpiece with Bajrangi Bhaijaan and then tried to apply a similar formula this time. There’s the innocent protagonist, the adorable kid and a tense war-like situation between two neighbouring countries. Only the decades differ this time around and, barring the few touches of typewriters and radios, there is no telling difference between a war zone in 1962 and 2017.

The only takeaway

One thing that I take back from this movie is the belief that a person needs to hold on to their faith even in their toughest times. And of course, the happiness of seeing Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan on the big screen together, for however briefly it lasted.

#BhaktiBoli: It’s Eid and it’s Salman Khan. The fans as they are going to watch this for sure. But for the rest, you might as well watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan again because it is still more entertaining.

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