Urban Woman: A Photo Essay by Sambhav Vora

Sambhav Vora

It is not every day that you come across talent that’s pushing boundaries in its field. More so documenting it for creative expression. Sambhav Vora, aged 26, is a Mumbai-based photographer. At his studio in Malad west, when he isn’t shooting advertising stills or packaging design, he works silently on a personal passion: photographic essays.

Urban Woman by Sambhav Vora

One of Sambhav Vora‘s striking photo essays is called Urban Woman. This is a photographic series conceptualised by him. Urban Woman portrays the various stages of physical, emotional and mental states that the modern woman goes through today. Taking references from his own environment, Sambhav has been shooting and giving this essay form in Mumbai. Reflection, Letting Go, Liberation and eventual Self-Realisation come into focus through Sambhav’s work.


Sambhav’s portraits in this photo essay series depict women in at-times uncomfortable and at-times inspiring poses. A woman crouched in a fish tank in Reflection is bound by her life’s facets. Yet, her raised hair gives a hint of escaping it all, as her thoughts ascend towards clarity.

Letting Go is a surreal image – as a woman lays under the comfort of a tree, she communes with Nature and decides to just let go and fly away like an autumnal leaf. In Liberation, the sense of freedom is palpable, as balloons gently lift the woman’s dress and uplift her mind and spirit.

Urban Woman is continual work in progress, as Sambhav works to getting his concepts into perfect visuals.

Photography experiments

Experimenting is one of Sambhav Vora’s keen skills. He works on sharpening these each day. ‘I am working with using cinema lights as a continuous light source and experimenting without flash for fashion photography and portraiture’, shares Sambhav.

Sambhav Vora

Fashion photography and the realm of glamour is where Sambhav seeks to stake his claim in the future. His skill includes creating visuals of finesse, the obvious eye for detail and the combination of these with technical sophistication. Sambhav has worked on major brand like Being Human, shot for actors like Diya Mirza, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kunal Kapoor.

Clients across the board have appreciated his talent and professionalism, for product as well as fashion photography.

Sambhav’s Creative Lineage

Sambhav Vora hails from a family in which advertising photography has been a legacy. His father has been an art director in prominent advertising agencies. ‘Seeing my father show the beauty of simplest things inspired me to take on photography’, Sambhav says. Being in a creative environment since an impressionable age, Sambhav skills in the expression of art are sharp and sensitive, deep and distinct.

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