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Rachna Jhunjhunwala

Are you looking for an avenue of creative communication for your children? Does it interest you to have your child learn and sharpen reading, writing and speaking skills all under one roof with a skilled trainer?
Meet Rachna Jhunjhunwala, Founder, English Conversations.

What is English Conversations?

English Conversations is an integrated English communications skills programme conducted by Rachna Jhunjhunwala. The course offers reading, writing, speaking and listening training for children. It is a dynamic, all-encompassing course that helps children to develop their communication skills with age-appropriate guidance and interactive learning.

Who is English Conversations?

Rachna Jhunjhunwala
Rachna Jhunjhunwala

Rachna JhunJhunwala is a brain, heart and soul behind English Conversations. This passionate entrepreneur has come from insurance and advertising backgrounds. She forayed into education and training children with the intent to help them develop communication skills for life.

Rachna calls herself someone who can learn anything. The word “can’t” doesn’t exist in her dictionary, she confesses. She set out to explore her own entrepreneurial skills with English Conversations, certifying herself as a trainer who can further train for Trinity College London Examinations.

Rachna’s qualifications include distinctions in Trinity and Cambridge. She has a Master’s degree in English Language and a Bachelor’s in Education. Her motivation comes from building good repute for her work. Rachna conducts speech & drama trainings on a regular basis at Jamnabai Narsee International, Mumbai and also in international schools in Dubai. Her certification has global recognition.

In Goregaon east, Rachna will begin her new course from July 9th. This will run until March 2019, once a week. This is for age 5 years and above.

Why English Conversations?

‘A lot of children who go to good schools and institutions struggle with the application of language’, Rachna observes. She seeks to help children who enrol in English Conversation sessions with vocabulary development, sentence construction and speaking abilities.

The USP of her programme – which she has shaped herself – is that it is all-inclusive. Children are honed for creative writing, public speaking, phonics, mind-mapping and more under Rachna’s able guidance. Her’s is a four-pronged approach: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

An English Conversations session

With an intensive training in the Trinity College modules, Rachna’s sessions for children are far from staid or stagnant. She continually seeks to build on, innovate and create newer ways of teaching and learning. Her classes are appreciated by children and parents for their interactive quotient. From exchanging books with each other to group discussions on pertinent topics, children are engaged to learn together and find their own unique communication abilities.

From poetry, limericks and tongue-twisters to essays, role-play and crosswords, each hour of English Conversations is a power-packed one that gets children to learn the myriad aspects of language and communication.

Parents have seen marked changes in their children, thanks to English Conversation workshops. What they learn is proving to be useful for their academic as well as personal lives. Interactions within the home, in school as well as beyond are showcasing the unique skills developed at English Conversations. A confident child who can express his thoughts effectively is a social asset. Rachna, an “activist for educational empowerment” is ready to welcome your child!


Dates: July 8th – March 31st 2018
Centres: Creative Minds, Gokuldham, Goregaon east | Kidsclub, Khar (on-going) | Bloomville, Kandivali (from July 12th) | Jamnabai Narsee School, Juhu (July 14th) | Casa Vista Worli (from July 27th)

Contact: 9323965550



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