What to do with all those plastic bags?

Do you still have a bag of bags? Stashed away in your closet or kitchen storage is there a huge stock of plastic bags from all over the world? I sure do. But I really don’t know what to do with them.

I seriously fear being fined if caught with a plastic carry bag in public. I fear being caught for disobeying the new rules, simply because I still don’t completely get all of them!

So I thought of looking for some easy and effective ways to upcycle plastic bags – the hordes we all have at home. And here are some cool creative ideas that are extremely doable, are fun and useful. That’s why, it’s upcycling – upping the use of any material or product by making something new out of it.

5 amazing ways to upcycle plastic bags – 

  1. Colourful shelf liners

Just measure the size of your wardrobe or kitchen cabinet or refrigerator shelves and cut up old plastic bags to that size. This is particular doable with the slightly thicker plastic variety. It stays in place and doesn’t make any stuff kept on it slip around. Just tape the plastic bags in place with sticky tape for good measure.

I find this a great way to keep kitchen shelves that house oils, ghee and masalas clean. And also, the fridge shelves. We all know how one spill can mean 30 minutes of intensive clearing out and cleaning. One plastic shelf liner can save you! Great way to upcycle plastic bags.

2. Messy Mats for Kids

Another great way to save you from mess – well cleaning up the mess, at least! If you have a toddler who’s just learning to self-feed or kids who love dabbling in paint, this is super-useful for you. Upcycle plastic bags from your shopping sprees now.

Take about 5 to 6 large-sized plastic carry bags – the kind you get from Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Westside, etc. Cut them along ONE side and along the bottom fold. This way, your bag should open out flat. Do the same for all the bags.

Now use a thick duct tape and tape these cut bags together – joining them one at a time to each other. It’s like a plastic patchwork spread.

Place this under your toddler’s high chair at meal times. Or use this during your kids’ art-and-craft hours at home. Once their done, all you need to do is wash the whole upcycled plastic bag messy mat out. Do I see a smile there?

3. Upcycled Plastic Bangles

If you’re a crafty mum with a crafty kid, get creative ASAP.  This great idea to upcycle plastic bags will make you happy and hep.

Just take old or plain plastic or glass or metal bangles. Select the colour you want to convert them to, depending on the plastic bags you have at hand. Try to pick a thinner variety of plastic for this.

All you have to do is wind up the bag and wrap it around your bangles and you’re fashionably set! Create as many coloured bangles you like, to match any and every outfit. Upcycled fashion idea right here!

source: https://www.diyncrafts.com

4. DIY Jump Ropes

Kids love jumping ropes. And some adults do too – especially as a good pre-workout warm up. Jump ropes make for fun and fitness options. And, clearly, a great way to upcycle plastic bags too 🙂

Make your own sturdy jump ropes with those old grocery bags. Pick the slightly thicker variety now. Cut your bags into strips and then tie those strips together and braid tightly to create the jump rope.

Then just make the handles. A good quality duct tape or masking tape will work really well. It won’t hurt the hands. Within about 20 minutes, you have your own custom-made jump rope.

source: https://www.diyncrafts.com

5. Coin Purse

Here’s an adorable way to upcycle plastic bags, especially the really tiny ones. Make these little coin purses so easily.

Take any of those tiny plastic bags. Tape the closed sides for sturdiness. Now add a zipper at the open mouth with a sturdy tape. Your very own kitsch coin purse is ready. You saved the environment, earned some joy and satisfaction and it’s cost you almost nothing.

source: https://www.diyncrafts.com

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