World Party Day | Make It An Eco-Friendly One!

world party day

Today, April 3rd , is World Party Day! A day dedicated solely to parties – imagine that!

GHP Mumbai is a life & lifestyle portal, so it always believes in responsible and value-based ways of life. On World Party Day, we bring you some environment-friendly ideas for your celebrations.

How many of us are doing at least some of these? Time to make that green shift. Happy World Party Day!

1. Decorate with a GREEN TWIST!

Balloons, streamers and other artificial party d├ęcor lead to a lot of waste. Why not use more eco-friendly, and beautiful options like plants and fresh flowers? Or even re-usable paper!

You can just put some local flowers or stalks of leaves from around you in a vase and your decor is set. Kids will eventually appreciate this and stop demanding the plastic-y stuff soon.

2. Use E-Invites

Instead of wasting paper, go digital.  Use apps like Picsart, creating  private Facebook events or WhatsApp your guests. If you still want to use paper, think re-using and re-purposing. Create cards that can be framed or used as bookmarks later!

3. Green on your Table

Paper or thermocol tableware – stop now! Invest in a set of reusable glass, metal or melamine serveware.

Keep a set of cloth napkins for your parties from now on and ditch the tissue issue.

BYOB – Encourage your guests to carry their own and their kids’ water bottles so you can all avoid excessive plastic bottle waste, when your party is not at home. Keep the larger, reusable 20-litre water dispensers and request guest to refill their bottles when needed. It’s worth a bit of effort.

Handout steel straws for drinks. That’s a great return-gift too!

5. Creative Wraps

Use different pieces of older wrapping paper to make a mosaic around the gift! Or, start using old newspaper. Simple.

6. Food For Thought

When you have a large party, plan the menu and portions well in advance and purchase only the required ingredients.

7. Leftovers Liability

However efficiently you plan , you will have some leftovers. What’s your plan? Just get in touch with agencies like Robinhood Army, No Waste Food or SEVA Kitchen, so that food helps the right people.

8. Encourage Carpools

Help guests who live close to each other to connect and commute together – even if it’s via Ola or UberPool. Overcome traffic and parking worries with your perfect party plan!

Party hard folks, but do so for greater common good!   

Sumedha Mathur

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