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Yoga Yukti Studio is a great yoga class in Goregaon.

It’s not every day that we come across positive people. We do meet a lot of YES men and women. But what I’m talking about it something else. I’m talking about people who exude positivity. Like it’s their second nature. Like there can be nothing that’s impossible for them.

Guess what, I met one such person a few days ago. She’s Yukti Torka. And from the first sight of her, I could sense an amazing sense of positive vibes. It hit me like a dart.

Who is Yoga Yukti Studio?

Yukti is a young yoga teacher. She is the founder of Yoga Yukti Studio. This is a brand of yoga classes in Goregaon that she has developed over the last six years. Yukti is a certified Yoga trainer, having trained at The Yoga Institute in Santacruz, Mumbai.  She specialises in Asthanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga practices.

Interestingly, she has also developed some new-age yoga modules. These are Rapid Yoga and Chair Yoga. Inrtigued? Well, so was I. “These are Yoga practices I have been applying for corporate clients and people who may find traditional yoga difficult”, Yukti explains.

In addition to taking personal and group yoga classes in Goregaon, Yukti also engages in pre-natal, parent-child and senior citizens yoga. It is for individuals who are physically challenged or too tight on schedules that Yukti devises interesting ways to wellness. This stems from her positive spirit – to make everything possible and enjoyable for those she meets. She prides in her parent-child sessions, in which her 9-year-old daughter is very active as well.

Yukti with her daughter

Yukti’s Astounding Story

This persona was not an immediate one that Yukti has acquired. It was a difficult lesson. About 80 kgs of weight post-pregnancy had set her back in many ways. She was mentally, emotionally and physically down and out. Until she found light at the end of the tunnel with yoga. It helped her regain herself… enough to get dancing with her daughter.

Yukti took the road to self-discipline and self-motivation with yoga training. She put her body back on track to look like a young college student now. Meet her and the glow on her face is proof of her practice. “Yoga made me calmer, less prone to mood swings and anxiety”, Yukti confesses. And she extends her learning generously at her classes. Her students – young and old – swear by her ability to create positive change in their lives.

A Yukti Yoga Session I Tried

I myself attended a wonderful session with Yukti, on a bright early morning. From beginning with simple breathing exercises to open the mind, we did asanas that were invigorating. Slowly but steadily, Yukti eggs you on to challenge your body. In a session for back and hip strengthening, we achieved some postures that would have been unimaginable for me, had it not been for Yukti’s optimism!

Yoga Yukti child Yoga sessions

The wonders positive encouragement can do are endless. Yukti ended her session with making each of us hug ourselves and convey love inwards. I found that to be quite unique. It has stayed with me – that little effort to love yourself for what you have done and for what you can do.

Doses of this twice a week can surely sort you out for a happier and healthier life. Yukti conducts sessions in Goregaon east. Do connect with her and connect with yourselves in the process… No regrets here.


Contact: 9987035934

Instagram: @yukuki_maabeti





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